Visual Media Group was established in early 1994 to supply Art Direction, Illustration and Graphic Design services to advertising agencies in and around Santa Barbara, California and the Western United States.

With a large group of clients demanding a wide range of projects, VMedia quickly became known for its ablility to effectively respond with award winning visual elements, delivered on time and on budget.
Visual Media Group Principals
Edward M. Spaw, Art Director

Edward Spaw has been an illustrator, graphic designer and art director since 1980, working in national advertising agencies, and since 1988, the head of Digital Design in Santa Barbara. Extensively trained in traditional methods of design, in 1983 he was on the forefront of the digital revolution as an Apple Computer “CORE” artist. Well versed in 3D modeling and animation, Ed is also an Adobe Photoshop master, a digital pre-press professional, used to impossible deadlines, and making difficult projects run smoothly and on budget.


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